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The focus for Romi bodywork is to restore movement to restricted range of motion areas of the body that are creating pain and discomfort. 

This is facilitated through long, flowing repetitive stokes of the forearm and hands, stimulating circulation of fluids and improving the nervous system by accessing and supporting the parasympathetic rest state.

60 minutes $95

90 minutes $130

120 minutes $175


Heated basalt stones gathered by me from the ocean shores of Aotearoa are placed upon the body at the completion of the bodywork to support and deepen the parasympathetic rest state. 

This is an add on option for Kahuna Romi Bodywork treatment at no added cost.


I use my own hand made organic skin products for this gentle facial as another pathway to access the parasympathetic rest state. Cleansing, exfoliating, nourishing mask, warm aromatic towel wraps, aloe vera soothing lotion and nourishing moisturiser.

45 Minutes $60

Add on to your Romi Bodywork Treatment $40


Constructive rest is a supported, aligned rest position on the floor designed to access body intelligence for self healing and self adjustment. We are born with the ability to self heal, adjust and regulate our body's needs. Within the deep rest state the nervous system is able to sense and respond to the needs of the body, which can in turn influence an expansion of the mind's perception of reality, offering alternative pathways to realise one's dreams, desires and potential.  

60 minutes $75 

Add on to another treatment $55

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