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Learning Kahu Abraham Kawa'i'i source bodywork is a medium to remember and develop our innate wisdom.

The ancient art of Kahuna navigation is the fundamental principle the Kahuna used to access the wealth of our true creative, limitless nature.

The Kahuna's approach to personal evolution was through the body. Our patterns of movement, or how we habitually perform everyday tasks expresses our concepts and belief systems in the physical realm.

Through awareness within movement, we observe non contributing effects to our wellbeing from our programmed mind. When we change the physical patterns we change our mind and in so doing affect a change on all levels of existence including the past, present and future. Kahu called this 'coming through the back door....avoiding the guardians of the mind'. 

Through various mediums, including geomancy, prayer construction, hula based movement sequences called 'ka'alele au' and bodywork, he created a context for conscious change on a cellular level affecting DNA activation and self mastery. 

Performing Romi Bodywork is an activity that expresses our consciousness, that inner knowingness of who we are. As we deepen our awareness of our creative power through aware motion, we become skilled navigators of our life and can guide others towards creative mastery of self.

This ancient learning perspective is fluid, adjustable and situational, no need for text books or notes, we are the source of reference, the guidebook. The more we know of ourselves, the more information we have access to, this is innate wisdom. 


'To be or not to be is not the question; what is, has always been the answer.

To move and flow from an ancient essence present and in that moment, walk away with the past, present and future in the palm of your hand'  Kahu 

Ka'alele au - The Flight of The Navigator
Kahuna Romi bodywork principles....positioning, timing, rhythm, leverage, drainage. 
We learn to embody these principles in ka'alele au, then perform them within the bodywork. 

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