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Meet Gaylene Ho'okere

Gaylene Ho'okere Aitken is a human movement guide. Her life has been an ongoing exploration of movement as a way of reconnecting to creative source.

Beginning with Yoga in 1976, training in remedial massage from 1991, then the life changing discovery of Kahuna Romi Bodywork. 

Her training was with Kahuna Abraham Kawa'i'i on the island of Kauai. Kahu Abraham is the source of what is commonly known as Kahuna Bodywork or Lomi (Romi). He is the creator 'all bodywork using the forearm in a forward and backward flowing repetitious manner' Kahu, and ka'alele au, or the flight of the navigator, a series of repetitive sequential steps based on the principles of Hula and Lua, Hawai'ian martial arts.

She was provided with instruction in sustenance management within the mediums of Romi, natural movement, geomancy, prayer construction, classroom management and instructor.

She was his Haku, the intermediary between the Kahuna and his students, a member of his family and named Ho'okere, the navigator.

Since his passing in 2004 she has continued performing and teaching Kahuna Romi Bodywork, expanding and enriching it from her deepening awareness of self as did the Kahuna.

In essence, Gaylene is a movement guide, her guidebook is her body.

 'The more aware one is of the relationship between one's mind and body and how it functions, we can actively, with full consciousness create our universe. We become mature self responsible humans, contributing to the well being of all. This is family principle, this is Mana.'

People come to learn Romi Bodywork, 

but what they really come for is to know themselves through the art of expressing their human condition through aware movement, a state of being that threads itself through all actions of our life.

What we focus on we become, in that way we create ourselves moment to moment.

Kahuna Romi Bodywork Residential Retreat

Abraham Kawa'i'i Romi 'Oluli & O'luea styles

Friday 11October to Friday 18 October 2024
Rainbow Beach Queensland Australia

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